Italian tenders

We are a reliable guide for all companies wishing to invest in Italy. We guide and advise throughout the tender
process and assist with any difficulties that may be encountered when dealing with the complex Italian system.


Legal consultancy and tender management

ETS ensures that the entire tendering process is compliant with the regulations
in force to guarantee maximum efficiency for our clients.


Tender documentation

Step by step, European Tender Services works alongside clients during the entire tendering process,
ensuring all general expenses are on budget.


Advertising: Public Notices, Real Estate...

Editorial coordination of advertising (public notices, real estate, recruitment) in most regional,
national, and international papers.



We are specialised in procurement consultancy and advertising that has been operating from London since 2010.

Since our inception, we have experienced staggering growth in our services and activities thanks to an outstanding team, an impressive work ethic and strategic alliances with high profile companies across Europe.

Our philosophy is based on skills, reliability and customization of service. The team we have is composed of highly capable industry specialists working to meet the most diverse requests and needs of our clients while approaching every case in a unique and tailored manner.

This simple yet effective approach has made European Tender Services (trade mark of Cavendish Media) a reliable name in consultancy, support during completion of tender documents, management of the post tender phase and legal and general advertising.

We carry out a specific activity of intermediation to assist you with the admission to the Italian Electronic Market for the electronic acquisition of goods and services, taking all the necessary steps required to allow you to become a supplier of standardised products in favour of the Public Administrations.

Our professional experience allows us to provide all necessary technical, legal and administration support to our clients and to reduce unnecessary wastage of time and resources. Our expert team is able to provide the highest level of technical and legal guidance, plus we guarantee exacting standards and flawless service in accordance with all laws and regulations in force.

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