Italian tenders

We are a reliable guide for all companies wishing to invest in Italy. We guide and advise throughout the tender
process and assist with any difficulties that may be encountered when dealing with the complex Italian system.


Legal consultancy and tender management

ETS ensures that the entire tendering process is compliant with the regulations
in force to guarantee maximum efficiency for our clients.


Tender documentation

Step by step, European Tender Services works alongside clients during the entire tendering process,
ensuring all general expenses are on budget.


Advertising: Public Notices, Real Estate...

Editorial coordination of advertising (public notices, real estate, recruitment) in most regional,
national, and international papers.



European Tender Services (Trademark of Cavendish Media) offers assistance in advertising public notices in national and international papers.

Our primary strengths are speed, knowledge of the industry and value for money.

We find the most suitable and cost-effective media solutions to advertise legal and public notices on behalf of Public bodies, law firms, banks, individuals or international private companies.

Whether you require publication of an invitation to tender, licence applications, or legal notices (will, probate, insolvency etc), you have a team of editors and graphic designers at hand ready to set your notice in the most cost efficient way.

Our service also includes media buying at advantageous rates, the collection and delivery of digital or printed copies of The Gazette and every other media you have placed your notice in.

Send a quotation request and we will provide 360° assistance, including the following Free Of Charge services:

  • • Media Research;
  • • Proof reading / Copy Writing;
  • • Legislative compliance check;
  • • Advert set up, graphic design;
  • • Media Booking / advertising;
  • • Digital or print voucher collection.

To find out more or try out our services please call or email us at



Our Media Search provides instant access to more than 20,000 international media factsheets with consumer insights, market analysis and advertising rates.


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